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Host & Guest Drum

Host drums are responsible for singing the songs at the beginning and end of a pow-wow session, generally a starting song, the grand entry song, a flag song, and veterans or victory song to start the pow-wow, and a flag song, retreat song, and closing song to end the pow wow. Additionally, if a pow-wow has gourd dancing, the Southern Host Drum is often the drum that sings all the gourd songs, though another drum can perform them. The host drums are often called upon to sing special songs during the pow-wow.

Host Drum
Wildhorse Drum

The Wildhorse Singers were formed in 1989 and are a Northern style drum group based out of LA, California. Drum members come from various tribes across the state and have participated with the Honolulu Intertribal Powwow for over 25+ years and are long-time supporters of our Hawaiian community. As a group they work very close with their community and dedicate much of their time to working with the Native youth population. They focus on connecting the youth to their culture through singing and dancing. The goal is to support the youth in striving to lead successful lives through a commitment to the preservation of Indian ways and traditions, the pursuit of education, and most importantly maintenance of Sobriety. They do this by promoting and living an alcohol and drug-free way of life, deeply rooted in traditional values. Aloha & Aho!-- 

Guest Drum
Phoenix Boyz Drum

A northern style drum based out of Los Angeles. We are Tohono O’odham from Southern Arizona, Northern Paiute from Ft. Bidwell,  California, Navajo from Blue Gap, Arizona, Juaneno from San Juan Capistrano and other tribes. We have been participating within the Pow-wow arena first as dancers and then as singers. Us four Phoenix brothers started the drum group to sing together, along with our family and friends so that we could share songs, our experience and talents to teach our own kids and future generations. We have hosted at various pow-wows, participated in photo shoots, short movie clips and many performances throughout the So-Cal area.`q. The Drum brings the heartbeat of our Earth Mother to the pow wow for all to feel and hear. We hope our singing brightens your day. Phoenix Boyz would like to thank the Pow-wow Committee for having us serve as Invited Drum.

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