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Vendor Application: FAQ
2023 Vendor Applications
Now Open!!

Event Details

September 9th & 10th, 2023 10am-5pm

Bishop Museum - 1525 Bernice St.
Honolulu, HI, 96817


Fee: $250.00 Craft & Food Vendors
Fee: $75.00   Education Vendors(No sales)


Completed applications and payment received by May 1, 2023, will receive two (2) free powwow t-shirts.
Final application and payment deadline is August 1, 2023, anything after this date will not be accepted, as well as incomplete applications or non-payment.



  • Sharing of booths is not allowed. One vendor/business per booth space.

  • Space is limited

  • Vendors will need to be ready to sell no later than 9:00am on Saturday and Sunday

Email questions and/or completed applications to:

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2023 Powwow Vendor Booth Rules & Regulation

The 47th Annual Honolulu Intertribal Powwow is presented by the Oahu Intertribal Council, a 501c-3 nonprofit organization. The proceeds from this event go to facilitate cultural, educational, and community events for American Indians, Alaska Natives and First nations people living in Hawaii.


The Vendor Application and the following Rules and Regulations will govern admission to and the right to sell at the 47th Annual Honolulu Intertribal Powwow.  Please review carefully as several rules have either changed or been updated.

  1. No vendor walk-ins accepted.

  2. Powwow will continue, rain or shine. There will be no cancellation due to rain.

  3. The Powwow staff will assign crafter’s booths on a first come first served basis. The final assignment of booth spaces will be at the discretion of the staff and will remain set throughout the powwow, no exceptions. 

  4. Vendor’s entire booth and display shall be confined to an area not to exceed 10’ wide and 10' deep.

  5. Vendors will unload and then remove all vehicles from the loading /unloading zone for the duration of the Powwow. Please set up your booth after unloading and removing your vehicle. Vendors are absolutely prohibited from driving on the Bishop Museum's lawn at any time.

  6. Vendors agree: 1) that they are responsible for hauling out all empty boxes, cartons, and other rubbish from their assigned area at the end of each day, 2) to leave their booth space in a good, clean, and tidy condition. All trash is to be taken and disposed of in the large dumpster at the Bishop Museum.

  7. Vendors are personally responsible for all taxes, be that excise, income, or any other levy relating to their income taken from this Powwow. The Oahu Intertribal Council assumes no responsibility for the collection of the Hawaii general excise tax as required by law.

  8. The Powwow staff reserves the right to revoke the privilege of admission to and selling at the Powwow, of any vendor, who violates this agreement at any time.

  9. This agreement cannot be changed or altered in any way or otherwise transferred by either party without the written consent of the parties and shall not be considered a joint venture or partnership between vendors and sponsoring organizations. 

  10. In signing this application form, I do herby agree to and do indemnify, hold harmless and defend the Oahu Intertribal Council from and against; any and all liability, responsibility, loss, damage, cost or expenses of any kind whatsoever (including, but not limited to cost, interest and attorney’s fees) which the Oahu Intertribal Council may incur, suffer, be put to pay or be required to pay, incident to or arising directly or indirectly from any intentional or negligent act or omission by applicant.

  11. Vendors are responsible for their own security at all times.

  12. All craft vendor products, merchandise, or goods for resale must only be be hand-made/hand-crafted that includes, but is not limited to America Indians, Alaska Natives, First Nations, Native Hawaiian and/or other Polynesian/Indigenous cultures within the US, Canada, South Pacific Islands, to include Australia, New Zealand, etc.  The Powwow Committee shall have the right and final decision regarding this requirement.

  13. Sale of knives, axes, hatchets, bows and arrows, slingshots or anything that can be considered a weapon shall be prohibited on Bishop Museum property.

  14. All merchandise, flags and banners must be displayed within your booth space and not hanging from any trees, poles, tables, benches, etc. outside of your booth area.

  15.  Vendors may park their vehicles in the Bishop Museum parking area for a fee of $5.00 per day on a space available basis. Neighborhood street parking is also limited. Car-pooling, Uber, and other taxi services are encouraged.

  16.  Vendors are strongly encouraged to follow the CDC and the State of Hawaii recommended guidelines regarding the Covid-19 pandemic.

  17. Vendors may not display or sell any items that contain materials derived from animals which are considered endangered or might otherwise be considered in violation of local, state and/or Federal laws.

  18.  By signing this agreement, vendor fully accepts and assumes all risks and responsibility for losses, costs and damages that may occur as a result of inclement weather, theft, damage by fire, accident or other causes beyond the control of the Oahu Intertribal Council.

Optional "After Hours' or Pau Hana event - Friday, September 8, 5:00 pm - 9:00 pm

  • this is put on by the Bishop Museum, it is seperate from the Oahu Intertribal Council abd Powwow committee.

  • They will have entertainment, bar/wine tent, and a keiki (children's) zone.

  • Tents, tables and chairs will be set up for this event and will remain there for the powwow.

  • The Oahu Intertribal Council will have their own frybread booth there.

  • You will need to provide your own insurance for this event.

  • Craft vendor fees: 1) Local - $100, 2) visiting - $150.00

  • Register online at https://www.millwood

Email Questions and/or completed applications to:

Vendor Rules & Regulations
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