Head Staff

The head staff of a pow-wow are the people who run the event on the day or days it occurs. They are generally hired by the pow wow committee several months in advance, as the quality of the head staff can affect attendance. To be chosen as part of the head staff is an honor, showing respect for the person's skills or dedication.

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Master of Ceremonies (MC)

Dan Nanamkin

Aloha my beautiful relatives, my name is Dan Nanamkin (thunder and lighting), I am from the Chief Joseph Nez Perce and the Colville Confederated Tribes of Washington State. For over 30 years I have traveled nationwide on the pow wow highway as a dancer and drummer. I am super pleased to serve as your master of ceremony MC for this year's pow wow. What a wonderful honor after all we have gone through, this will be a lot of fun to spend time together and enjoy this memorable event with each of you. I look forward to meeting new friends and relatives and will serve you with honor, dignity and a good splash of humor and much gratitude. 


For the past two decades I have served our indigenous communities by developing prevention programs, community events, cultural education and health/wellness programs. After standing with the front line Water Protectors at Standing Rock I have traveled all across Turtle Island as a cultural educator, performance artist, inspirational speaker, storyteller, musician, actor, environmental and indigenous rights advocate and humanitarian. I was here two years ago and stood proudly with the kūpuna and kia'i at Mauna Kea and during the amazing Aloha 'Āina Unity March. My plan is to visit here for a week to enjoy the beautiful sacred land, culture, food, music and the beautiful Aloha spirit that inspired me to return. Hopefully, I can share a performance or a presentation with someone while I am here as I love to help others and enjoy new experiences.  Please view my website: www.nanamkin.com  I have much to share with you and always welcome networking, cultural teachings and inspiring new ideas.  I will do my best in a positive way to make everyone feel welcome and to have a great time, so see you at the pow wow!!! 

Arena Director

Randy Medicine Bear

Welcome to this year's celebration. My name is  Randy Medicine Bear and I have the honor to serve as this year's Arena Director for the 2022 Honolulu 46th Annual Intertribal Pow Wow. I have served as arena director at many celebrations throughout Indian Country. I am an enrolled member of the Rosebud Sioux Tribe, Sicangu, of South Dakota. I have been happily married to my wife Lorinda, Navajo, for 38 years. We have three children; Sky and his wife Heather, Santee and husband Rylan, and Cree. We are also blessed with seven Takojas; June, Joseph, Leo, Takota, Sahiyela, Cruz, and Jakobi.
We have resided in Loveland, Colorado since 2005. I am an Electrical Engineer and a professional project
manager for the Department of Energy, Western Area Power Administration. I wish all that attend this year's celebration to have a great time. Sing, Dance, visit with friends, meet new friends, in and around the circle. Until we see each other again, travel safe and pow wow on. -Randy Medicine Bear